About Us

Webb Robotics FIRST Team 1466 is located at the Webb School of Knoxville. Started in 2004 by geometry teacher David "Brotha Dave" Pierce and a small group of students, the program has grown and evolved tremendously, winning the Peachtree regional in both 2005 and 2010 while also helping to start and mentor new teams in the East Tennessee region.

Webb Robotics is unique in that we are not participating in FIRST to win. As Team Captain Ishi Keenum notes, "Sure it would be great [to win], but one of my greatest memories of our team is sitting in the convention center going 'well whoops' and hearing 'ok we'll do better next year.' I admire that no one has been blamed for our previous failures and that we always look forward. I feel like we have achieved something great when we don't need a scape goat and we can turn all of our attention to the upcoming season. In addition to this our laid back atmosphere, while usually still productive, allows the members not to feel excluded which is never the goal. Great measures are always take to ensure that no one feels blindsighted or unwanted. Team 1466 places a greater influence on the team than the victory. We have realized that the two go hand in hand and that, at the end of the season, you turn to your team to joke with and not a trophy."

David Pierce still mentors/manages the team, along with chemistry teacher Bob Brown, University of Tennessee student Sam Bacon, and many team parents (including but not limited to Mike Bollenbacher and the Anderson family). The gratitude of Team 1466's student members towards these individuals cannot be expressed through words alone. The fine reputation of the Webb Robotics team has allowed it to grow immensely totaling 45 students, 7 mentors, and 3 teachers.

"Brother" Dave Pierce

Bob Brown

Sam Bacon

Each year, team 1466 participates in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) by building a robot for a specific task during a fixed six-week period. Visit our page about FIRST to learn more about the competition and its organization.

Below is a list of all our mentors, teachers, and students:

 David Anderson  Mentor
 Laura Ann Anderson  Mentor
 Sam Bacon  Mentor
 Mike Bollenbacher  Mentor
 Bobby Gintz  Mentor
 Bob Brown  Teacher
 Veena Krishnan  Teacher
 David Pierce  Teacher
 Miller Callaway  Teacher
 Hannah Anderson  12
 Clint Graves  12
 Elliot Greenlee  12
 Jessie Hamby  12
 Yohan John  12
 Morgan Larimer  12
 Priyam Madhukar  12
 Priya Mohan  12
 Alex Primka  12
 Katelyn Ragland  12
 Shawn Ren  12
 Alex Roesch  12
 Cohl Staples-Ramp  12
 Erik Slawsky  12
 Elliott Baerman  11
 Ryan Jacobs  11
 Landon Manning  11
 Samir Martin  11
 Chris Mobley  11
 Gautum Suresh  11
 Kelsey Copeland  10
 John Fry  10
 Kasper Gammeltoft  10
 Jake Isaacs  10
 Trey King  10
 Harrison Mitchell  10
 Grant Shen  10
 Sanchit Wadhawan  10
 Kyle Wehrenberg  10
 Justin Adam  9
 Devyn Caissie  9
 Carl Edwards  9
 Austin Hoffarth  9
 Jessie Goodwin  9
 Conner Jacobs  9
 Kyle Jacobs  9
 Jaipal Narula  9
 Jake Ragland  9
 Micah Sanders  9
 Cooper Wilson  9
 Conner Jacobs  9
 Kyle Jacobs  9
 Josh Martin  9
 Jaipal Narula  9
 Allison Campbell  8
 Lucy Keh  8
 Dan Primka  8
 Urmila Suresh  8
 Natalie Wood  8
Total Mentors: 5       Total Teachers: 4       Total Students: 50