March 5, 2012

Smokey Mountain Wrap-Up

Hey Guys!

So, FIRST Team 1466 recently competed at the Smokey Mountain Regional and we did pretty well. We had the fortune of having a parent on our team winning the “Volunteer of the Year” award: Mike Wehrenberg, and a mentor win the regional Woodie Flowers Award: Sam Bacon. We believe he is the youngest ever to win – so that’s pretty cool. Here is the essay that won him the award; I wanted to thank our awards committee for doing such an amazing job.

Sam Bacon is an alumnus of Webb School of Knoxville, and as a mentor he has helped teach the members of FIRST Team 1466 to be leaders. This year marks Sam’s seventh season with FIRST and his third as a mentor. Sam is committed to advancing FIRST and developing leaders within our team. Sam cares more about building a competent, problem-solving team than winning; he cares about how well we do in competition as long as the decision is unanimous. He cares only that the team is united and knows that if not all members understand the robot, we will have failed. Sam organized our meeting on rollout day by sorting people into teams, encouraging brainstorming, and making sure everyone understood the rules of the game. Sam took time to ensure that our new eighth-grade members were able to contribute their ideas. He encourages team leaders to know what everyone is doing by asking for updates from the subgroups of our team daily. Sam is the kind of person who pauses while reimaging our cRio to teach an interested freshman about the relative differences in the sizes of infinity, because he constantly takes it upon himself to encourage learning. Sam personally taught me LabView, and it was only later that I learned that he had never worked in LabView before and was studying tutorials each night to keep ahead of me. In addition to helping our team throughout the season, Sam always has a greater vision for what FIRST can be in our area; he organized students from his classes at the University of Tennessee to go weekly to all of the Boys and Girls clubs in Knoxville (over twelve) to further their STEM education. He worked with the clubs to set up ways to teach STEM and was key to why each branch purchased Lego Mindstorm kits to focus on teaching problem solving. Sam also set up a Lego Expo in which our FRC team showed our robot and the Boys and Girls Club students showed what they had accomplished.
As if this weren’t enough, Sam is an active member of the Knoxville FRC community outside of Team 1466. He tirelessly offers to work with Rookie teams in the area to help them understand the technology provided to them by the kit of parts. To date, Sam has assisted directly with seven different rookie robotics programs to help them get started. He is always reachable through email and countless hours have been saved throughout the entire East Tennessee region through his mentorship. There is a reason that Sam has been our coach for the past three years: he motivates us. Sam watches every regional and knows what ideas prove most effective. He has been a member of the Smokey Mountain Regional planning committee for the past two years and has enabled our team to attend two regionals this year. He inspires our team by showing us what we can achieve after high school. Sam dedicates himself to making us well-informed and effective as a team, and because of him, we are successful.

Now we shall continue into the next phase of our season with the Queen City regional quickly approaching. Over and Out!
FIRST Team 1466

February 16, 2012

Just to let you know…

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– the Web Design Team

Today is the website’s due date!

Just to keep you all updated, today at noon our website will be submitted for judging in the 2012 FRC Website Award!

Wish us good Luck!

– the Web Design Team

February 15, 2012

Welcome to Team 1466’s official Blog!

We’re enthusiatic to open our new WordPress powered blog! Check here often for the newest updates or happenings of Webb Robotics Team 1466.

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